The Art of Lawn Mowing

bliss of lawn mowing zenYou can’t just mow the lawn; you have to merge with the grass, feel at home there, and allow it into your whole being. No way am I going to accomplish anything so simple and inexpensive. No. I’m only going to give you a few suggestions to make mowing the grass less of a chore and more of a pleasure without requiring you to break the bank or risk injury to your back. Now. Mind wide open, grass-mowing person, and let the five tenets of Lawn Mowing euphoria wash over you.

First, “To Do is To Be”: Get out of your head and mow the lawn.

Listen up, Grasscatcher: mowing your lawn has a meditative quality all on its own. Shut off your thoughts, clear your head, and focus only on the chore of mowing the lawn. Certain ancient societies honored this practice (and no, I don’t mean the mold that forms on yoghurt after a week in the fridge) in which labor is seen as a kind of meditation. If a question like “What would you add to powdered water?” is giving you a hard time in life, try doing something repetitive like cleaning your house or folding your laundry until your mind is clear. When you’re done, you’ll have earned your break and may sit in solitude with your green tea and rice cake; what could be more Zen? This will more than make up for whatever tension and strain you pick up while pushing your rotary mower about the garden.

the art of lawn mowingNext, make sure there aren’t any roadblocks in your way – You Need to Clear Your Lawn Before Your Head Can

There are difficulties along every road. Grasschopper, there may be stumbling blocks even on the best route. There is nothing more karma-shattering than starting out with a calm heart and clear mind to give your lawn a nice trim, only to run over one of the “must-have” toys from Christmas that your kid played with for twenty-five minutes before losing in the tall grass. In any case, Grasshopper (or is it Spacehopper?) unmanaged garbage and detritus amid the grass blades may gravely harm your mower, saying goodbye, packing its bags, and taking an extended vacation to Europe. The grass is the first thing you should look at. In such case, you won’t encounter any obstacles on your way through the blades, and everything will go swimmingly.

Love it or not, it won’t get the grass mowed.
“That’s great, honey, but it won’t get the lawn mowed…”

Third, merge with your lawnmower by using a self-propelled model.

These tools combine human ingenuity and mechanical prowess to alleviate mundane tasks, freeing the user’s thoughts to focus on the transcendental aspects of life and the cosmos. This mutually beneficial partnership will free your mind to focus on what really matters: your soul. The self-propelled lawn mower is a godsend for the relaxed gardener since it provides a significant dose of Zen. Do you have a slope or bumps on your lawn? Excellent. This should be taken care of by the ship’s own propulsion system. You’d like to take it easy when mowing the lawn and imagine a beautiful Japanese garden? Done. The thrust in front of you will bear the weight. Find the right self-propelled lawnmower for your needs, whether you have a little or big lawn, and whether you prefer electric or gasoline power.

Grass Catchers of Growing Size: More Room to Play

Having your train of thought disrupted might cause you to lose track of an important idea. The situation is as follows. You’re in the zone, the mower’s doing well, the sun is out, and you’ve just begun humming the new mantra by Emilie Sandie, which you like for its soothing tone despite its rather depressing lyrics, when suddenly the grass catcher is full. The carefully cultivated rhythm of mowing has been disrupted, and your mind has been prodded from its quiet concentration, therefore you must now detach it, empty it, and fit it again. Yes, Grassclipper, there is a simple answer. Get a mower with a grass catcher that can hold at least 40 liters if your lawn is tiny and compact, 60 liters if your lawn is medium in size, and 70 liters if your lawn is huge. There will come a time when you need to empty the grass catcher, but if you take the time up front to choose the best size for your needs, you may greatly increase your amount of time spent in Zen.

Robots: the ideal Buddhists – self-mowing lawnmowers

Artificial beings may make great Buddhists. They go about what has to be done without losing their cool and do it with undivided attention. They don’t make any noise until provoked, only use as much energy as they require, and make no demands. Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers are the pinnacle of carefree lawn maintenance, taking the Zen of mowing to a whole new level. The robot takes care of things for you, etc. They don’t sneak up on you like a human gardener, show up late, and mess up your borders by throwing roll-up butts on them. Mowing an area as large as 5 acres is no problem for automatic robot lawn mowers (20,000m2). They are battery operated, making them more eco-friendly, and they come with a variety of functions such as rain sensors, mulching, and self-programming; some versions can even determine the size of your lawn and the rate at which the grass grows. Therefore, you may relax and think deeply about your navel (or someone else’s) while they go to work. Gross.

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